Like me my dungeon is unique and there is nothing else remotely like it anywhere south of London. I have three fully equipped chambers, including a white medical room, a red punishment room and for really hardcore players a cold brick interrogation chamber with metal bars so you can’t escape. This is not just someone’s living room with a St. Andrews Cross in the corner, all nicely carpeted and a TV on in the background.

This is a proper dungeon premises, underground, discrete and imposing. It is situated in a basement location where you can easily come and go without drawing attention. Excessive noise is not an issue and you can scream as loud and as hard as you like and you will not disturb anyone.

White Medical Room:
Gyny/examination bench and extensive medical equipment, including anal and urethra probes and stretchers.

Red Punishment Room:
St. Andrews Cross, Master U Sling suspension, whipping bench and whipping post, depravation chamber, full mirrored walls, trampling boards, and assorted implements of punishment. 

Interrogation/prison Chamber:
Cold and damp exposed brick walls, full metal cage, iron maiden harness and suspension pulley.

There are dungeon tour movie clips on my Brighton Dungeon website where you can see all three unique chambers. See


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