Q: What does the title of ‘Hardcore Mistress’ mean?
A: This title is twofold, inasmuch as it refers directly to the fact that Mistress Dometria is highly skilled and professionally trained in the more ‘hardcore’ forms of play, and also that Mistress Dometria approaches the whole realm and art of Domination and associated play with the utmost expertise, responsibility, and session-specific attention to detail. This unique approach facilitates the enablement of extreme play, and allows Mistress Dometria to offer a wider than usual range of Domination play ‘services’.

Q: Do I have to be ‘hardcore’ to book a session with Mistress Dometria?
A: Absolutely not. Mistress Dometria welcomes enquiries from all prospective slaves and submissives, regardless of personal predilection towards the extremity of play preferences. Whilst Mistress Dometria is able to provide for the most ‘hardcore’ of slaves and submissives, She especially welcomes enquiries and first bookings from novices who wish to experiment and explore the myriad forms of play in a safe and considered environment, whereby you may gradually discover your own personal limits and BDSM play ‘tastes’.

Q: Why should I, as a novice, choose Mistress Dometria over another Mistress?
A: There are many females masquerading as ‘Mistresses’, and whilst there are a (relatively small) number of true professionals within the field, it is an extremely daunting prospect for a novice to find the ‘right’ Mistress, or even to know which ‘Mistresses’ are ‘real’ and which are not (i.e. prostitutes wielding canes and/or riding crops). It is vitally important for a novice to be initiated into the art and realm of Domination and associated play by a true, fully trained, expertly competent, extensively experienced, professional Mistress, and Mistress Dometria has a unique and rare, vital understanding and appreciation of this succinct and pivotal point. Mistress Dometria is not only able to offer and provide a wider than average range of Domination and associated play ‘services’, but is also specifically skilled in the equally important aspects of psychology and personal spiritual development, which are areas often neglected and/or misunderstood by others in the field. In addition, Mistress Dometria holds a philosophy which includes a certain respect and genuine care for all Her slaves and submissives, inasmuch as a session with Mistress Dometria will benefit both parties in a positive and progressive way, and whilst Mistress Dometria is perfectly capable of (a) reducing any man or beast into a gibbering wreck, by words and actions both, and (b) inflicting real and serious physical harm, She is specifically unique in the fact that She holds a true appreciation for Her own gift and talent, and does not use it frivolously, or without responsibility or considered regard, i.e. Mistress Dometria will never randomly beat or berate a slave or submissive just because She ‘can’, or out of context. Mistress Dometria strongly believes that a ‘good’ slave is a happy slave, and always chooses to work with each individual in a way which enables his own personal development, at an appropriate pace, whilst still continuing to push the boundaries until each individual may be taken out of his ‘comfort zone’ and break through his own individual limits.
Q: How, as a novice, may I approach Mistress Dometria?
A: All prospective slaves and submissives, whether experienced or novices, may approach Mistress Dometria in exactly the same way. Mistress always strongly recommends that you spend some time perusing Her fully comprehensive website, where you will find the majority of information you require, and 99% of the answers to your burning questions. After which, you may choose between two routes of direct contact with Mistress Dometria in person, being (a) by email, which some novices and/or new prospective slaves prefer as initial contact, should you be a little shy, or (b) by telephone. All contact details for Mistress Dometria are clearly listed on this website, and Mistress Dometria always answers all telephone calls and emails personally and individually, i.e. Mistress never uses a formatted response or a secretary. If you choose to telephone Mistress Dometria and She is unable to answer at that moment, this means that She is already in session, or that you are calling ‘outside of hours’, and you will find an answering service message, recorded by Mistress Dometria herself, explaining this, and instructing you as to what to do next.
Q: May I communicate with Mistress Dometria before booking my first session?
A: Absolutely. In fact, Mistress Dometria will simply not see any new slaves without having first entered into some form of person-to-person communication, whether this is by email or by telephone contact. It is essential that Mistress has the opportunity to converse with you in advance of your session, so that She may more fully understand your predilections, your experience thus far, and gain an assessment of your overall character and personality, so that when the session is booked, both Mistress and yourself may be 100% confident that it will be mutually beneficial to the utmost capacity.
Q: What will happen during my first session?
A: The form the session will take, and the kinds of play involved in the session, will always depend entirely and specifically upon the individual, and Mistress Dometria decides upon the format and play following your overall assessment. As such, this is a question which is too expansive to be given a basic answer. However, Mistress Dometria will always personally tailor the session to fit the individual slave and/or submissive, and never uses a generic session format, i.e. one size does not fit all. The form/s will depend upon your experience, your predilections, and your personal capacity, whilst still enabling Mistress Dometria to gain maximum enjoyment from your time together, regardless of how mild or extreme the initial session may be. First sessions, and especially initiations, will always include some forms of training, from which you will also gain in terms of education and developmental experience, thus enabling a greater understanding of Domination and associated play, which may then lead to further ongoing experimentation and exploration.

Q: May I request a specific form of play?
A: You may request a specific form of play, and you may also be assured that Mistress Dometria is supremely skilled in all forms of play offered. If you already know your predilections, then you should discuss this with Mistress Dometria in advance of the session, and it is also strongly recommended that you further research your preferences in the ‘Services’ section of this website, where all forms of play offered are covered in comprehensive and extensive detail. However, do please note that whilst you may request a specific form of play, this does not mean that you will be able to ‘top from the bottom’ during a session with Mistress Dometria, i.e. She will take your predilections and experience into full consideration, but She will always remain completely in charge.

Q: What will happen if I don’t yet know which forms of play are for me?
A: It is perfectly fine for you to not yet know which forms of play may, or may not, be right for you. Again, Mistress Dometria strongly recommends that you further research the forms of play offered in the ‘Services’ section of this website, and is also then happy to discuss the options available in advance, either by email or by telephone. If you know that you desire to be a slave, a submissive, and/or a masochist even, but you are a little confused by the myriad of forms available, then Mistress Dometria is able to provide an experimental session, whereby you may experience a few of the most appropriate forms, and work together to develop your own personal, individual, tastes accordingly.

Q: If, at any point during my first session, I feel that I want to stop, what will happen?
A: At the beginning of the session, you will be offered the choice of having a ‘safe word’, i.e. a word which, when you say it, may either moderate the session and/or bring it to a close. Mistress Dometria prides Herself on Her empathy during sessions, thus it is extremely rare that a session will be brought to a resounding halt. Cases whereby this has occurred always indicate that the slave has requested a form of play, or extremities of play, which he is unable to withstand, so please do take this into consideration when booking. If you ask to be psychologically crushed or physically tortured, then this is exactly what you will get, and if you are unable to ‘take’ it, then you will be wasting both Mistress Dometria’s time, and your own time. As such, if you are, say, an anal novice, then do not request punch fisting, for example. Or, if you have never tried electrics before, do not request extreme Nova Mind Machine or Violet Ray. Basically, if you are true to yourself and you are honest with Mistress Dometria, then everything will run perfectly smoothly, and the session will be a mutually enjoyable experience, whether the forms of play are relatively mild, or whether they are seriously extreme. The trick to progressing in the art of Domination and associated play is to take it somewhat gradually, thereby enabling you to experience more and more extreme forms as you become better trained and experienced.

Q: Will I be left scarred and/or marked by a session with Mistress Dometria?
A: If you state that you do not wish to be marked by a session, then you will not be marked. This issue is one which should always be covered during the initial discussions pertaining to which forms of play the session will take. In addition, there are certain forms of play which may leave temporary marks, the duration of which depends upon the implements used and the severity to which they are used, i.e. a good hard paddling would leave you with a red hued and burning bottom for a short time (hours at most), but an intense caning will probably break the skin (unless you have the hide of a rhinoceros). Mistress Dometria is supremely skilled with all implements used, so is perfectly able to regulate the severity, and thus the possibility of being marked, according to whether or not this would be appropriate for you, personally, i.e. you may still experience the form/s of play desired whilst remaining unmarked, should marking be a ‘no go’ area.
Q: May I communicate with Mistress Dometria after my first session?
A: As with initial contact and communication in advance of your first session, Mistress Dometria extols the importance and intrinsic benefits and value of further communication after the event, whereby you may share feedback and discuss how you may progress further with your exploration into the art of Domination and associated play. It is not essential that you adhere to post-session communication, but it is recommended that you do so should you wish to progress with your own personal development in this area. As with initial contact, you may choose between telephone and email communication, and be assured that Mistress Dometria will always converse with you personally, and never uses a formatted response. Mistress Dometria is unique inasmuch as She never discounts or forgets a slave after he has left Her dungeon, i.e. you are still as important to Mistress Dometria as you were when you first contacted Her to book your first session.
Q: May I book a session with Mistress Dometria without becoming a ‘regular’?
A: You may indeed. However, it is extremely rare that, having experienced a session with Mistress Dometria, you wouldn’t be back for more. That said, it is not that unusual for first time slaves to spend some time in reflection before re-booking. This is perfectly fine, but Mistress Dometria always likes the affirmation that you are 100% happy after a session, especially with a novice and/or new slave, so please consider that some form of feedback is appreciated. Mistress Dometria holds your happiness and personal development in Her own regard, and cordially requests that you extend this etiquette to an extend of your own choosing.
Q: Is there anything I should do to ‘prepare’ for my first session with Mistress Dometria?A: Absolutely. First and foremost, you should peruse and read the extensive and comprehensive information on my Brighton Dungeon website at, especially as a lot of it has been written with you in mind. Secondly, you should consider which forms of play you realistically are interested in. Thirdly, you should contact Mistress Dometria directly to discuss your requirements further. After which, the only way you can ‘prepare’ is by simply opening your mind to the myriad of wonderful possibilities which await you upon your personal path, as your travel through the realm of true Domination and associated play, with Mistress Dometria as your guide and the facilitator of your own, individual, development and spiritual evolution.

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