I do offer a very wide range of domination and BDSM services and whereas I have a personal preference for the more severe and harsh scenarios, I am very happy to entertain complete novices and I will consider any request that is not immoral, or illegal. Whether you want just mild 'Tie&Tease', or a more specialist service (such as ball-busting, harsh CBT [cock and ball torture], trampling, nipple torture, corporal punishment, a severe caning, a bullwhipping, breathing control, TV dressing, strapon-play, or whatever), you should not be afraid to ask.
However, you should understand that whereas I am happy to apply my craft unto you, I will not be done by you! I am into female on male domination and BDSM and that is it.

'Believe you me, YOU want it and I'LL give it'. However, you should respect the fact that BDSM is not prostitution and therefore I do not offer sex. 'My thing is doing you, not being done by you'. I am a sadist, not a masochist. Respect me and I will respect you.

I offer:
Amyl Nitrate • Anal play • Ball busting • Breath control • Blindfolds • Bondage • Boxing [human punchbag] • CBT [cock&ball torture] • Cigarette fetish and torture • Corporal punishment/spanking • Dildo worship & training • Electrics/1930's 'Violet Ray' • Extreme torture • Feminisation • Fisting • Foot/boot/shoe worship • Gags and Bits • Ice play • Inflatables and stretchers • Interrogation • Judicial punishment • Knife play • Leather & latex fetish • Psychodrama • Punch fisting • Restraints and hoods • Roleplay • Rubber fetish • Sensory deprivation • Strapon and dildo play • Suspension • Tie&Tease • Trampling • TV dressing • Verbal humiliation

For very detailed descriptions of all the services I offer, log onto my Brighton Dungeon website at  and check out the MY Services links.

If you are either an experienced player, are masochistic, and/or submissive, or if you are just curious to try BDSM, I offer something for everyone, and I'm heavily into it all. I am scary, but that's an important part of BDSM, but I am also considerate and approachable and just as you need the likes of me to live your fantasy, I need you to feed mine.
We need each other.

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