My Sessions:

First and foremost I am a lifestyle Mistress with a preference for hardcore domination and BDSM. I never rush, because why should I.
It takes time to get from you what I want and rushing through life is not what I am about. I make no apologies for the fact I am a true sadist; something not usually found in women and something most Pro-Dommes only pretend to be.

I get great pleasure from inflicting pain and in watching the reaction I get back from those on whom I inflict that pain. I make no excuses for how much I enjoy what I do and I neither question the morality of it, nor lose sleep at night wondering if I am a good, or bad person because I enjoy something different.

If you come and see me you can expect something very different. If you are a novice to this you will be encouraged and amazed by what you experience with me and if you are already experienced you will be relieved that at last you have found what you are looking for.

Length of sessions: I prefer sessions to last at least an hour and if I am enjoying myself I am certainly not a Mistress who keeps one eye firmly on the clock. I do offer a half hour session for CP only [corporal punishment - (in the door, pants down and 6-48 of the best)], since anything other than a traditional corporal punishment takes more time.

My tribute: A tribute is always required and devotional offerings from My slaves must be generous in a manner fitting for a Mistress.
Do not insult Me with a fatuous offer of your pathetic little body, or to please Me in exchange for My services.

My tribute for a half hour CP session is £90.00 (150 Euros)
My tribute for a one hour session is £150.00 (240 Euros)
My tribute for each hour thereafter is £100.00 (160 Euros)
Long Sessions: If you are interested in a longer session that is not an intense one-to-one, are happy to have other slaves come and go during the session, or if you just want to hang around in the background at my beck and call, contact me regarding a longer session.

If you want something particularly involved, or complicated to arrange (e.g. another body present), I may require a deposit from you and I will not usually consider anything too complicated until I have seen you at least once. Prove to me first that you are a serious player.

If you would like to session with me you can contact me by phone, or by e-mail (see link to Contact Me). Appointments to session with me are best booked in advance, since I cannot always guarantee same-day. I will, however, see you on the day you call if I can. 

I will not accept any appointment without my having a contactable phone number for you (a mobile is fine). Please confirm your appointment with me on the day, if you have booked in advance.

Availability: I am available for appointments at the following times:-
Tuesday - Saturday, 09.00am. - 10.00pm.

I may be available at any other time, but only if you are worth my making an exception.

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